Beethoven Triple- Delphi’s Concerto Debut

We could not be more thrilled to appear as soloists with the San Jose Chamber Orchestra  and maestro George Cleve this Sunday April 7 at 7 P.M. The program features works of German/Austrian composers including a work by Ernst Bacon with clarinetist Michael Corner and a divertimento by Mozart.

The Beethoven Triple Concerto op.56 is a special piece, “something really new” according to the composer. Believed to have been written for Beethoven’s patron and student Archduke Rudolph, there is no evidence it was ever performed by its original dedicatee. While exact details of the premiere are sketchy, violinist Carl August Seidler and the legendary cellist Antonin Kraft (for whom Haydn wrote his D major Concerto) were both involved in the rehearsal and performance of the work.

This concerto is full of good nature, lyricism and out-and-out virtuosity, particularly for the strings. Beethoven’s Triple is chamber music writ large- it will be a joy to play it with SJCO and George Cleve.



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