Crowden Sundays @ 4

A big thank you to Eugene Sor at The Crowden School for hosting us on their Sundays @ 4 series yesterday. We had a wonderful time!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Crowden, it is one of the most amazing institutions in the Bay Area. As a charter school for grades 4-8, the school not only has a rigorous academic curriculum but also incorporates two hours of music education into the classroom every day – technique class, chamber music, etc. We came in earlier in the week to play and talk to the students, and it is incredibly inspiring to see young people, especially at such a difficult and impressionable age, so aware of and open to their creative voices.

We will be back at Crowden this summer to teach and play. Jeff and Liana will be on faculty for the Youth Chamber Music Workshop in July, and then the whole trio will be teaching at the Adult Chamber Music Workshop a week later. We’re very proud to be part of the Crowden School’s extended family, and are looking forward to returning!

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