Delphi CD release: “Live”

The Delphi Trio is releasing their debut album, Live, on February 7, 2015. Featured works on the live recording include Haydn’s Trio in C major, Hob. XV:27, Arensky’s Trio in D minor, Op. 32, and the Adagio sostenuto movement from Chopin’s Trio in G minor, Op. 8.

“We are delighted to share this concert experience with a wider range of listeners,” stated Liana Berube, violinist of the Delphi Trio. “The energy of live performance adds a dimension to the emotional journey of a work that traditional, highly edited recordings can’t attain. We’re most interested in sharing the humanity of music with our listeners, and we do that best in a live concert setting.”

The Haydn trio is particularly engaging for Delphi. “Haydn’s works weren’t meant to be played one hundred percent the way they are written on the page,” stated Jeffrey LaDeur, pianist of the Delphi Trio. “In the 18th century, it was standard for musicians to improvise and ornament on the framework that the sheet music provided. We have had a lot of fun working with this piece, as every time we play it, something different comes out. Sometimes this means a difference of emphasis or tone of voice, and sometimes it means adding an unexpected blues-style lick or a crazy glissando.”

The Arensky explores the depth and breadth of the Trio’s expressive voice. Written in memory of a friend of the composer, the piece travels through a wide landscape of emotions in a truly Romantic and Russian style. “The Arensky trio is a wonderful challenge,” says Michelle Kwon, cellist of the Delphi Trio. “Its richness calls the three of us to work as a single hybrid instrument, but it also features moments of distinctly individual voices and characters. The piece has us wearing many different musical hats – it’s like staging a play that has fifteen characters but casts only three actors.”

The Chopin movement was added to the concert program as an encore, and as a reward to supporters of the trio’s successful crowdfunding campaign. “We promised that if we raised over a certain amount in our fundraising drive, that we would add another track to the album,” stated the Delphi Trio. “We felt that the Chopin would be the perfect finishing touch to both the album and the concert experience – after the fiery ending of the Arensky, the Chopin offers an operatic love scene that is dramatic but ultimately soothing.”

Formed in 2010 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the Delphi Trio quickly rose to national attention and has performed all over the USA as well as internationally. The Trio’s mission is to give voice to the authentic, essential spirit of a composition, acting as a conduit between composer and audience. Delphi is dedicated to both standard and contemporary works, and takes the view that music is all part of a single continuum deserving equal attention, whether written 300 years ago or yesterday.

Live was made possible by a grant from the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music’s Musical Grant Program, as well as the generous support of Gary Rust, Ray Walton, Rina Chang, and Lance and Dahlia Nagel.

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