The Practice Project

The Practice Project is a challenge (and a support network) for musicians of all stripes – professionals, amateurs, beginners, even those who haven’t picked up their instruments in 20 years.

It all starts with the Practice Project Intensive – starting January 1, we challenge you to grab your instrument (an old one or one that’s new to you!), pick a piece you’ve been dying to learn, and practice your fingers off for one month! We all have so many things that can occupy our time and brain space, and the desire to explore a piece for the pure enjoyment of playing music is so frequently left by the wayside.

No more!

This community is here to help you. Need some advice? Post a question. Want feedback on a fingering, a musical idea, whether something “works”? Post a video. Even just drop us a line to let us know you’re participating. We want to inspire as many people as we can to delve into the wonderful world of exploring the musical process.

We will post motivational notes and links to help you (and us!) stay inspired throughout the month. At the end, we encourage everyone to perform for friends, or post a video or audio link here to share the fantastic progress that you’ve made in 31 days. The goal is not to be ‘performance ready’ in a month – rather, it’s to have fun, learn something, and remember how enjoyable it is to make music!

Due to popular demand, the Practice Project is now up and running year round on Facebook as a community to explore the deeper emotional and mental process of artistic work. We will begin our next Intensive on January 1, 2016. Please find our community here!

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