Delphi-Trio-Live-FrontCoverHR-Credit-Zelie-BerubeWe are delighted to present Live, our debut album. In our chaotic and noisy world, it can be difficult to find a space, mental or physical, where we can experience the power of what it means to listen. The Maybeck Studio for the Performing Arts, tucked away in the hills of Berkeley, California, is a wonderful place to find this quiet – a beautiful wood-paneled room with graceful architectural detail and a superb piano, it has a warmth and a spiritual calm that brings both performer and audience to a place where minds and ears open.

This album is the product of listening – we in the trio listen to each other, we listen to the larger picture of the music we are performing, and we listen with our audience as the music unfolds. What better way to celebrate the emotional power of music than through a live recording?

Delphi-Trio-Live-BackCoverHR-Credit-Zelie-Berube-Photo-by-Jason-LyWe invite our listeners to join us in the Maybeck Studio and embark on the same journey we took with our live audience. Thank you to everyone to helped make this project possible, for your open ears, minds, and spirits.

Liana, Michelle, and Jeff

Press Release (PDF)


The album is available for purchase at CDBaby and iTunes. For a limited time, order a copy of the CD by writing to email hidden; JavaScript is required and receive a free digital download!

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